Specialty Weight Loss Program


This program will use current research to guide you through all aspects of health and wellness. Current research has shown that losing weight goes well beyond diet and exercise, so we have joined together with a licensed Behavioral Therapist to develop a program that will support permanent change.

Personal Training

Want to feel better, loss weight, support your wellbeing, look younger and be stronger? Well it all begins with exercise, so each client will be working with our licensed Personal Trainers twice a week in our comprehensive 45 minute sessions.  These sessions will focus around the needs of each individual and encompass a program that has been shown to work.

Behavioral Therapy

In order to enforce change and promote a positive wellbeing, you will be given both individual and group therapy sessions.  These sessions will be specifically designed around promoting positive changes in your lifestyle.  You will have the opportunity to express your own struggles and hear those of others that are experiencing the same as your own.  

Nutritional Program

When it comes to nutrition and dieting, most people are flooded with information from many different sources.  Our nutritional program will help you understand how to eat the right foods and we will only focus on information that has been shown to work.  Everything we do will be focused around developing a program that gives you freedom to eat foods that you enjoy and help you understand the choices that you are making.  We will not tell you exactly what to eat, but instead educate you on how to eat and the many benefits we can get from eating the right kinds of food.


We, at Redefine Fitness, wholeheartedly believe that the most important thing about a program like this is having someone hold themselves accountable for achieving things they once thought were impossible.  With that being said, this program was designed to be 12 weeks long and we ask that you only sign up with intention of being involved throughout all 12 weeks.  

Maintaning A Stress-Free Environment

Stress is a key factor when it comes to weight loss and change, so we decided to help keep this program upfront and open, to help you succeed.  

With that being said here is the breakdown of our Twelve Week Program:

Two 45 minute Personal Training Programs a week

Two Individual Behavioral Therapy Sessions a Month

One Group Therapy Session a Month

One Nutritional Consult a Month

All for $320 Bi-Weekly