Specialty Weight Loss Program



This program utilizes current research and personalized attention to guide you through all aspects of health and wellness. Studies have shown that losing weight goes well beyond diet and exercise. To further support you through this process, we have partnered with a licensed Behavioral Therapist to develop a program that will foster permanent changes. 

Personal Training

Exercise is an integral part of the weight loss process. As part of our specialty program you will work with licensed Personal Trainers twice a week in comprehensive 45-minute sessions.  During this training we will focus on your needs, abilities and goals. Our trainers will also support you by providing personalized workouts that you can use when you’re not in a session. They will teach you proper technique and form so you can feel capable and confident to train on your own. These training sessions will not only help you lose weight, but provide a framework for lasting fitness.

Behavioral Therapy

In order to reinforce change and promote positive well-being, we provide both individual and group therapy sessions. These sessions are designed to not only promote positive changes within your lifestyle, but also identify negative habits that can cause you to develop stress and frustration. You will have the opportunity to express whatever struggles you may face and find support from others who are having similar experiences.  

Nutritional Program

When it comes to nutrition and dieting, most people are flooded with information from so many different sources it becomes hard to know what to believe. Our nutrition program utilizes proven data and research from respected sources to help you understand how your body processes the food you eat. This will help you to determine what kinds of food are best for your body and in what proportion. We want you to have the freedom to eat the foods that you enjoy, but also understand the choices that you are making and how they will affect you.


The most important part of a program like this is holding yourself accountable for achieving your goals. With the right support system and frame of mind you can accomplish what can seem impossible.  With that being said, this program was designed to be 12-weeks long and we encourage you to start this journey with the intention of participating throughout the entire process.

In our Twelve-Week Program you will receive:

Two 45-minute Personal Training Programs per Week

Two Individual Behavioral Therapy Sessions per Month

One Group Therapy Session per Month

One Nutrition Consult per Month

This completely customized program is $350 Bi-Weekly.