Customizied Workout Plans

Basic $75

Three Month Program

There is nothing basic about what we offer.  Each client is unique, meaning your workout plan should be the same.

To get started we will give you our Intro Packet which is loaded with information that we compiled through the help of different fitness enthusiasts and physicians to make sure you are getting factual information.

Our programs are designed around facts and will be tailored to take out all the leg work.

You will be given a breakdown of exactly when and how you should be working out based upon your schedule and goals.

Advanced $100

Our advanced program is for those indiviudals who really want to experience what it means to have an indiviualized progrma.  This program offers everything the basic does, but takes it a step further by offering an in-person evalutation.

Our evaluation will be a complete Fitness Assessment that will cover almost every avenue of fitness.

Evaluations are done at our Port Jefferson Station location and are around an hour long.

Premier $150

Our premier package is for those that want the full experience of training, but the satisfaction of doing in on their own.  It includes everything our advanced program does, but adds the motivation and drive by having monthly evaluations.  

Our evaluations will track everything to help show you progress and get you on the right track.  Not only will you see results, but you will have the drive to make sure that you are on track with what you are doing.

Nutritional Guidance and Programing is offered for all programs for an additional $50.

All of our programs are based on Three Month Intervals and can be cancelled at anytime.