Redefine Fitness

Research based personal training that doesn't use Instagram as a source.

How We Do It

One-on-One Training

Using comprehensive fitness programs based on research, our personal trainers work with you to determine your individual strengths, weaknesses, and goals to find a fitness plan designed to get you results. 

Specialty Weight Loss Program

When it comes to weight loss and keeping it off, we understand that there are many obstacles that may come in the way. That is why we developed a special program for those clients interested in making a permanent change to their health.

This program involves all aspects of overcoming weight loss for good from personal training to nutrition to behavioral changes.  You will be enrolled in a program that has you meet with experts in their fields while guiding you through fitness sessions and behavioral therapy., based out of our gym. 

This program is designed around what research has shown to help with permanent changes, and it will be the difference to promote change.

Special Needs & Post-Rehab Programs

These programs are specifically designed to help individuals with functionality, movement, mobility, and stabilization. The combination of learning and training can help either group reach new goals that they never thought possible.

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Redefine Fitness

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Hours only pertain to use of the facility. Personal Training is by appointment