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Anthony Amen

Sarah Dennehy

Sarah Dennehy

  My personal training journey started in college. Before that, I was never really into any aspect of fitness. I ate what I wanted, ran a 15 min/mile and couldn’t tell you the difference between a plank or a pushup. 

That all changed in college, when I began playing intramural sports. I ended up falling back on ice, giving myself major whiplash and a concussion. The impact was unreal and left me bed-ridden for three months. Pain medication, muscle relaxers and migraines became my norm, and doing simple activities such as driving became a task for me. Doctors kept telling me that the migraines would never go away, I would never be able to handle weight above my head and that there was nothing that they could do for me. It was something I refused to believe.

I wasn’t going to be slowed down by my injuries and my stubbornness and willpower drove me to find a solution. That was when I stumbled upon fitness.

Through complete trial and error, I quickly learned the technique and became obsessed with the gym. It wasn’t long until I learned how I could change my life; I managed to not only stop the migraines, but I can now accomplish things that everyone told me would be impossible. 

Personal Training has taught me how to pass this knowledge onto others. I truly understand what it feels like to be hopeless and lost. I’ve helped many different clients of all backgrounds achieve their goals; this allowed them to witness changes that they didn't think were possible. 

Redefine Fitness is my answer to all fitness questions. It's not about having the biggest muscles or being the fastest runner, rather it is about helping you redefine yourself into the best version that you can be!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Small Group Trainer

Health Psychology-B.A.

Qualified TRX Instructor


Sarah Dennehy

Sarah Dennehy

Sarah Dennehy

I began my fitness journey several years ago. I thought the way to be "healthy" was to starve myself and do hours of cardio every week, like all the magazines said. It left me feeling very restricted, dreading the gym, and worn down. It felt wrong to me, so I began doing my own research into health and fitness. By doing so, I realized that starvation and endless cardio weren't the answer- nourishing your body, incorporating strength training, and keeping workouts fun were the way to go!

Now, as a Personal Trainer, I don't see fitness as a chore but as a lifestyle. I love sharing healthy recipes, strength training (especially lower body!), and helping clients find a balance by both looking forward to their workouts and seeing results!

As a Registered Nurse, I am always updating myself on science- and evidence-based research in regards to health and fitness and incorporating it into training. I also have an advanced knowledge and understanding of the aging population and those with medical issues. I love being able to work in both areas of health and bridge these two passions together.

Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, target a particular muscle group, or gain confidence, I'd be happy to tailor a plan for you as an individual. 

When I'm not in the gym, I like to keep an active lifestyle by hiking, kayaking, and participating in races (anything from 5Ks to Obstacle Races to Half Marathons).

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

BSN-Registered Nurse

CPR/BLS/AED Certified


Linda Mildner

Sarah Dennehy

Linda Mildner


When I first realized I wanted to get in shape all I knew was doing endless amounts of cardio and running outside every day for hours on end. I was obsessed with becoming smaller even though I already was which became very unhealthy. I wanted to join a gym, so my Dad started taking me with him. I first started on the cardio machines because I didn’t know a thing about weight training. As time went on and I started watching people work out every day around me, I wanted my Dad to teach me everything because I wanted to look like the girls who were in the weight section. They were so confident, and I wanted to be that way too since I struggled with body image throughout high school. 

Over the years, I have learned SO much about weight training and grew a passion for it. I started to realize I didn’t even weight train for how it changed me physically but also for how it made me feel mentally. I’d show up to the gym when I didn’t feel good, when I was stressed, or even when I was feeling great, it was a place for me to work on myself and doing something I loved. It gave me a sense of empowerment and made me feel super confident in myself in all ways. I’ve even made lifelong friends and love having uplifting and motivating people around me. 

With that being said, I have found a passion for helping others improve their overall health, more specifically help them in the gym. Because the gym and working out has impacted my life so positively, I want to do just that for others. I want people to realize they have full control of their life and can accomplish anything they put their minds too. If you end up working with me, I promise you I’ll give you my all! I am a trainer, but I am also a person like you too, I know what it’s like to struggle which is why I will be there to motivate you and push you because I know you can do it. I am so excited to work with you at Redefine Fitness!!! 

NASM Certified Person Trainer

Fitness Development B.S.

CPR/AED/Lifeguard Certified.


Alli Fuoco

Christina Chiarulli

Christina Chiarulli


I  am a healthy lifestyle personal trainer. Helping others achieve their  goals, pushing through personal plateaus, and becoming their best selves is my passion and focus; and it has been for the past 15 years. 

I fell in love with fitness after high school and we still love each other, after all this time. Like many moms out there, I took a break from my personal training career to raise my 3 beautiful daughters (and my  husband if I’m being honest). We lead an active and healthy life and have always tried to make fitness and clean eating just a normal part of our lives. You’ll find us walking the neighborhood, hiking, biking, running charity 5k races, or training for  Spartan races. 

As a certified personal trainer, my philosophy is simple - fitness is not one size fits all; that’s why there are so many amazing workouts, routines, and types of fitness equipment out there. Everyone is  different and no two workouts or people are the same. Whether you want to get back in shape after a long break (or kids),  train for an event (fitness or lifecycle), find out if your younger body still exists, or just get healthier - I want to be on that journey with  you. For you Mommy’s out there, I totally get it because I live it every day. Finding “me time” while raising kids,  feeding the family, being a mom, being a wife, and maybe working is crazy challenging. I’m here to take care of you while you make the  investment in a stronger and healthier you. Mom power!  
My style is I roll up my sleeves and work with you and support you every step of the way. I understand that going to a gym or starting a new workout can be scary and  intimidating. I will be at your side and make this as comfortable and achievable as possible - nothing’s going to stop you! Redefine Fitness will be your safe zone and happy place. 
 A healthier you exists and my job is to help lead you there.

And just to make it official, I am a NFPT-CPT Certified Personal Trainer and I am a qualified TRX instructor.


Christina Chiarulli

Christina Chiarulli

Christina Chiarulli

 My love for health and fitness began about 5 years ago when I first entered my full-time position in the public schools. I quickly learned that I needed to look for a way to manage my stress and engage in self-care. I told myself that I also needed to make myself a priority. 

I always enjoyed exercising and working out, so I decided to make a promise to myself to go to the gym on a consistent basis. I couldn’t break a promise I made to myself, right? So working out consistently was exactly what I did. Once I saw the progress, and started to feel healthy, I couldn’t stop. I looked forward to going to the gym every single day. Fast forward a few years later, I decided to compete in my first physique competition. I loved the drive, motivation, and determination it gave me. I was proud of myself for pushing my limits and showing myself that I can be dedicated enough to reach any goal I want to achieve. However, with that being said, I also learned that my internal and mental health was being compromised during this time. I was hindering my nutrition and depriving my body of what it needed. I decided to change my outlook and focus on what really mattered to me-feeling healthy from the inside out. I started to exercise again with the sole goal of FEELING healthy. From there, I decided that I want to pass the importance of self-care and my love for feeling healthy through exercising on to others. I look forward to helping you do so!

In addition, I have a strong passion for working with individuals with special needs. As I mentioned before, I also work in a public school, specifically with those with disabilities. I decided to put my two passions, fitness and working with individuals with special needs, together. I strongly believe that it is imperative for individuals of all abilities to learn the benefits of exercise, and grow to enjoy being active and living a healthy lifestyle. I am so proud to say that I specialize in personal training for individuals with special needs at Redefine Fitness!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
School Psychologist, M.S.Ed.
Board Certified Behavior Analyst


Jason Cruz

Christina Chiarulli

Jason Cruz

  Growing up, I struggled with my weight. After learning some basic exercise skills and making changes to my diet, I was able to gain control of my weight and become fully engaged with the health and fitness world. Learning more and talking about fitness helped make it become my true passion. Even though I already had a background and experience in the medical field, I wanted to make fitness my career and decided to get my first Personal Training Certification. After a few years of training clients, I decided to earn my A.S. Degree as a Fitness Specialist from Suffolk Community College, as well as a second Personal Training Certification through A.C.E. Since then, I have been training clients at different fitness centers all over Suffolk County, as well as conducting private/home sessions. I have continued to learn and apply techniques from all types of exercise styles so that I can be the best trainer possible. I love motivating clients and helping them set and reach all kinds of goals. I look forward to working with my clients at REDEFINE FITNESS and making a positive impact on their health and wellness!


Marilee Somerville


I began my personal fitness journey when I was in high school and have pursued various directions that ultimately led me to become a personal trainer. My father was a physician and growing up I was always encouraged to follow in his footsteps. I wanted to help people be well, but I knew medicine wasn’t for me. I found a degree that suited my personal interests in fitness and was also in the medical and health field. I first obtained an associates degree from Suffolk Community College as a Physical Therapist Assistant and immediately followed up with my newfound passion – getting a full degree as a Physical Therapist from Stony Brook University. I enjoyed working with the elderly patients and interestingly, also with the children. I felt a sense of compassion and understanding towards Seniors as they needed rehabilitation from various injuries. They were a unique population that needed patience, kindness and encouragement to keep moving and get strong to finish out their lives healthy and independently. I also found working with children was so awesome too, because in order to get them strong, you had to make a game out of it! You have to motivate children by making rehabilitation and fitness fun for them and teaching them to be strong and fit will give them confidence as they get older. 

As time went on, I went in a new direction by taking time out to obtain a Masters Degree in Theological Studies. We were created by God to be strong and healthy in the spirit and the soul, as well as the body, and we can’t ignore any of these areas. So, for me, personal training is the final, wonderful cumulative conclusion of my personal interest in fitness, and the desire to see people become stronger and help them reach their goals of overall fitness.


NFPT-CPT Certified Personal Trainer

ASFA Senior Fitness Certification

CPR/AED Certified 

B.S. Physical Therapy

M.A.T.S. Theological Studies

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